About the Transcriber

After 30 years' involvement with fretted dulcimer as player, builder, arranger, composer, publisher, recording artist, clinician and festival coordinator, Tom Baehr has set all that aside to concentrate on using those experiences on a childhood pastime: chromatic harmonica. 

Since 2004 he has been relearning old techniques and adding new ones. Baehr has attended several harmonica conventions, taught a workshop, and is a member of SPAH and SlideMeister Forum. His recent recital of classical music was well received. This collection of transcriptions is his first venture into electronic publishing.

Baehr has music degrees from the University of Michigan, where his principal instrument was flute. He taught music in public schools in Michigan and Vermont, and played in several bands and orchestras. Currently he sings in two chamber choirs, and plays penny whistle, flute and harmonica in a contradance band.